Friday, March 17, 2017


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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green today? Do you have some fun ideas and tricks planned for your kiddos? 

I always have grand plans to make holidays a little extra fun but this year it just hasn't been happening. I think my anxiety and stress has been taking over my brain a bit lately. But, I do have plans to make these cookies with the kids over the weekend. 

How is your Friday going? Nico was happy to have a few friends over to play with this morning and I think I'm taking Lia to see Beauty and the Beast tonight! She's been asking about it lately and it was my favorite as a girl. 

Our week was a long and cold one. Lia's getting over strep and Nico has been pushing buttons and voicing his opinion the only way he knows how - crying! But, we did venture out for a school family fun night with the kids, share a pizza, and belt out a few Moana songs.

And a few things from this week.

The most gorgeous guest house.
The Lego set we want AND need.
A dining room update I am crushing on.
What biracial people know. An interesting read.
A statue we should all see.
And, THE best makeup tutorial. I was laughing out loud!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


We let Lia pick out a new pair of frames after her recent eye check and after trying on at least 15 pairs she decided on these. She is growing up so fast and I find myself clinging to the moments where she's still a little girl. If I'm being truthful though, those moments are fleeting. So, here's to this spunky girl and those spunky frames!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


We've been living here in this charming little town for a little over 5 years now. It's the most amount of time we have lived in one place since we were married 10 years ago! I took these photos last August and never got around to posting them. We spent the evening wandering the streets of downtown and I fall in love with this place we call home a little more each time we do.

Sometimes I take for granted that we have found a place that we may call our forever home. I go through phases of alternating between wanting to embrace everything this place has to offer and feeling like we are stuck there.

But, the truth is, I really do feel at home here. Our family fits here. 

I like the local vibe, the small restaurants, the lack of billboards, and the dolphins that live in the local waters. I like that the cashiers at our local grocery store know my kids. I like picking daffodils every February. I even like that we basically have no use for mittens and heavy coats. 

It's home and it's equally fun and scary to imagine our forever life here.

Where is home for you?

Monday, March 6, 2017


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Weekend links are coming to you on a Monday! Friday turned busy and we were offered up free babysitting for a date night on Saturday so all other plans went out the window!

Last week was a fun one! L's school celebrated Dr Seuss with little events every day so it was fun to throw something different into our morning routine. 

I've been working on finding balance between taking care of the kids and the house, taking care of my business, and me-time/couple-time. Some days it's hard to force myself to sit down and set aside work time. I've owned my business for about half a year now. It's picking up this month as I'm restructuring it and I'm finding my way. Still, it's almost unbelievable and I find myself justifying work-time when there's nothing to justify. I'm trying to make myself believe that my work is valid and important and real. 

But, speaking of couple-time, M and I are gearing up for a dreamy island vacation next month. It's our fill-in honeymoon since we never took one and I CAN NOT WAIT. 

All in all though, last week was a good one.

A funny moment from the week \\ We found a new local pizza place and we've been several times now. We got the margharita pizza over the weekend and when it came to the table, Lia was surprised to see "leaves on our pizza!".

And a few things from last week.

I need this for the pool. 
And this for me!
THIS is getting me even more excited for upcoming our trip to Hawaii. 
Hidden Figures was a great movie. Now I need to read the book
And lastly, I'm pulling together my first hired party this weekend! I'm thinking these will be a fun party favor to go along with the "breakfast theme"!
If you want to check out my party and home styling business, you can here!


Saturday, February 25, 2017


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Happy Saturday! It's been a busy one around here. The kids had so much fun spending the afternoon at a local maritime museum. And, we topped the evening off with a new scooter for Nico (after he discovered his sister's pictured above!) and grilled strawberry shortcakes for the rest of us. 

Lia had a big week. She picked out new glasses, had a great checkup, and got 100% on her spelling test!

We tried out a new local pizza place. Let's just say I'd be fine if I could only eat their food for the rest of my days. I booked a few clients this week and it's keeping me busy in such a fun and creative way. 

Nico spent his week being wild and loud. He's really testing the limits at two. It's equally terrifying and cute. He's still not talking well but today but he said "bubbles". I'll take what I can get!

Our week was really casual amidst the business though. We enjoyed having an extra long weekend together and set up the projector in the backyard. "Home" was the pick of choice and we roasted marshmallows. The weather has been amazing (despite all the pollen and bugs) so we've spent a lot of time at the park and outdoors. 

I'm really hoping to get back on track blogging. I'm just terrible at making time for it. Fingers crossed!

And a few things from this week.

On raising a long-haired boy. Something I can totally relate to right now.
I just picked up this book at the library and I can't wait to dive in.
I was searching for a sofa for a client but then I found this. I'm pretty sure I need it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I've been busy around here with my business and designing a birthday party for a friend! And, between all that, trying to catch up around the house, and mixing up my days (thank you holiday!), I haven't been documenting here. It's a huge bummer! So, I thought I'd share our day at the zoo from last weekend.

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The zoo is a bit of a drive from us, but we bought season passes last year so we can pop in on weekends when we have nothing going on and explore a bit. Having passes lightens the stress of "must see and do it all". While the zoo is small enough to see most everything in one day, we like letting the kids do more of what they like there and less of what they don't.

Lia's favorites this trip were the flamingos (because of her shirt, of course!), the giant checkers game, and a giant slushy.

Nico's favorites included digging in the dinosaur play area, stealing his sister's giant slushy, and climbing any and all fences and walls and displays that he could, of course.

We brought along a picnic, fed the giraffes, explored the fun children's area (hello tree house and giant outdoor games), and shared funnel cake fries.

After we were all happily exhausted, we attempted an early dinner in a funky little downtown restaurant. I spent most of the meal walking Nico down side alleys but that's how the cookie crumbles lately.

But, it was a really really good family day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Our guy surprised us by staying home to spend more time with us yesterday morning! Waking up to the smell of bacon is always a good way to start the morning. We picked up a baby cake from our favorite bakery for the kids, spend the morning picking daffodils with Nico, and celebrated with L's class at her school valentine party.

The evening ended with heart-shaped pizza, a little playdoh fun, and our annual viewing of Valentine's Day.

It was a good one!