Are we living a purpose driven life?

There are few questions that rise in every Muslim’s mind. The life we are given has a purpose but do we realize the point of being alive?  Every tiny, minor of major thing is here because of a purpose. Everyone is responsible for their own role in the life. It’s like we are given the characters and we will be paid when it will end and payment will be according to our performance. The real and main purpose of being in the world is to worship creator. Now taking Umrah Tours/Hajj or praying in the days and night not enough for worship. His other creatures are also here in the world including human fellows’ animals etc. We are given some responsibilities, people around us are partners in the sources we are given. There are very little acts which have great impact on our lives; these tiny acts of worship are ultimate source of satisfaction and inner peace. 

Ourwhole life, character and personality are bound to be on the track of Islamic teachings. Human being is created with water and mud o that he would have flexibility in adopting the environment. But at the same time there is a mind that is capable enough to distinguish between right and wrong. We are born in the society and learn from our surrounding but there are always few questions that keep clicking our mind. Human nature is full of curiosity and that sense of getting deep into everything leads us to the new discoveries. We are here to admire, to explore, to discover and to serve. There are good and bad choices in front of us, our mind power identify it from us that which one should be pursued. Everyone is here for a purpose and one have to find it out on his own. 

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